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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
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⚠️ Last page for Destiny 1’s Story!!!! ⚠️

[spoiler]Hey guys! Last D1 story! I will be starting destiny two soon! Get ready for that, whether you’ve been here since the infamous page 3, or you’re new to my stories, you won’t want to miss my new content ! ;) thank you all for supporting my guardian’s story! She ain’t dead yet[/spoiler] [u]Lore for “See You Again” Hunter Exotic Helmet[/u] [i]“I heard she’s a bug hugger.”[/i] —unknown Variks rocks back and forth, leaning on his staff. Staring into the void of the reef. “Do you think the Great Machine has noticed what we did? Will it speak to me again?” His voice is distant, wistful. “Tell me where the great eliksni have gone?” He’s not even sure if he’s entirely speaking to the hunter beside him. Her presence is so common now, he mind as well be. He notices her start in shock. Amber eyes stretch wide, trailing over him. Her black mouth gapes, seeming lost for words. Variks catches the flash of pain in her eyes. She takes a long moment before responding- not that Variks expected a response. “The traveler spoke to you?” Her voice is hoarse with awe, breaking him from troubled thoughts. He dips his head in acknowledgment. Variks knows she is desperately curious, but something stops her from asking her questions. “The great eliksni,” she continues, swallowing. “Are still here. At least, one of them is.” Variks turns to meet her warm gaze. Her kindness never ceases to surprise him. But, that was guardians for you. He knew this hunter cared for him. She was his friend. But there was ...something else. Something that set her apart from the other guardians... Was that ...[i][b]love[/b][/i] he saw there? Variks pushes the thought away, hastily searching to compliment her in return. “You ..are Variks’s friend.. “ he burbles quietly. “I like your...... scent.” Her star struck expression makes it difficult to stay solemn. “Th-Thank you. I like your-“ she swallows hard. He can sense her anxiety. “...Eyes.” Variks purrs gently, blinking. “You flatter me guardian.” “I’ll ... I’ll help you anyway I can. I just want you to know that, Variks.” Variks sees her loyalty, clear as crystals from the Queen’s vaults. Yes, he would be sure to keep her around. “I should be getting back out there.” Variks notes once again the disappointment in her deep voice. Curtiously, he dips his head to her. “Yes, yes.” She smiles at him, practically glowing. “I’ll be back soon.” She squares her skinny shoulders. Variks grabs the bag of ether seeds she had delivered to him and turns to enter his hut. Something stops him. A nagging anxiety has slowly been working its way up Variks’s stomach all day. Something wasn’t right. “Guardian...” He turns back, meeting her surprised eyes just before she turns away, to make her a promise he intended to keep. “I [i][b]will[/b][/i] see you again.” Shadow smiles awkwardly. He can sense her confusion, and a slight anxiety of her own as the depth of his words sink in. She nods once, eyes filled with warmth for Variks. Variks swallows down the urgency building beneath the exoskeleton of his chest. She turns to retrieve her ship, the red captain’s cloak Variks had gifted her fluttering behind her- and that is the last Variks sees of Shadow. [spoiler]i hope you all enjoyed my guardians story for Destiny one!!!! Thank you my little shadows ;) 💕💕💕💕💕[/spoiler]



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