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6/20/2019 4:53:23 AM

Valor Rank

I am sick and tired of slowly climbing the valor ranks at a pace slower than a snail that is on the brink of death due to exhastion. Let me say this, I am by no means bad at crucible. I average being in the top 2 or so of my team and have an average kda of 1.58 I think. I'm decent at this game. But because the matchmaking decided to constantly put me with players trying destiny out for the first time and against 6 stacks all running one eyed luna, I get punished. What I'm trying to say is that valor ranks shouldn't be based on match wins or losses. Instead I think it should be based on in game efficiency. I know nothing will come of this post and no one at bungie will ever acknowledge its existence but screw it. I don't care anymore. It's just not fair that I am punished due to other player's incompetence.



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