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6/19/2019 12:21:19 PM

Stop playing Iron Banner NOW - You are wasting your time!

Wow, just wow! The new Quest steps introduced for earning armour are near impossible! At first I thought it was a good idea, after an hour or so the 1st quest was done and I claimed my boots. Another hour or so and I claimed my gauntlets. Five hours later yes FIVE hours later I am less than 10% complete on step three. By my calculations that means it should take me 50 hours to complete this part of the quest! Oh well, its a good job crucible quests (like pinnacle weapon quests) complete account wide so once you unlock them on one character they unlock on all of them. WAIT, WHAT? The Iron Banner quests are unique to each character!!! So I have to do this THREE chuffin times??? Out of curiosity, anyone know what steps four & five are? Not sure I can be bothered to find out myself!! Guess I am never going to have the time to unlock this gear so really, what is the chuffin point of Iron Banner? ANSWER - THERE IS NO CHUFFIN POINT!!! PLEASE UPVOTE IF YOU AGREE



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