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Xbox One においてどの Destiny リリースにもログインできない問題を調査中です。解消されるまで、切断したり、ログインできないなどの状況が発生する可能性があります。@BungieHelp で更新情報を確認してください。


6/19/2019 5:42:59 PM

I no longer have ownership of my game on my account, getting error code Orange when launching via bnet

Ok as of today's reset I am no longer able to access destiny as I keep getting error code Orange saying that there is a problem with my account, when I logged onto I apparently no longer own Forsaken or the y1 base game - Both of these I purchased including season passes/digital deluxe editions. My purchases amount to apprx £125, £150 which is quite a substantial amount of money. Considering this is a large sum of money I would appreciate being given access back to the game & season passes which I purchased.
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