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6/7/2019 2:56:00 PM

Lore for “Shadow’s Burden” Hunter Armor (Page 45)

[spoiler]can I just say DAMN am I excited for what’s coming. Thanks bungie for using shadows name in so much ! Haha joke don’t murder me. If anyone thinks this story is over it’s far from over. Enjoy a couple more sappy pages cuz after that we’re kicking off destiny 2 and let me tell you it will be action packed drama filled and you won’t want to miss it. Or maybe you have a life. Idk. Thanks for reading ! 💕;)[/spoiler] [spoiler]ps, I can’t wait to put Skolas in the ground AGAIN. The excitement is real[/spoiler] "Nothing is fair." -Shadow “Sell me your ship... I ... [i]need[/i] the parts."      A Titan slowly backs away from the eliksni with an indignant expression. "I'm not selling you my ship, dude."      Shadow slows on her way to greet him. Her forced confidence fades fast and she awkwardly buts in. "Variks."      Happy the vandal is distracted, the titan rushes off to his friends. "Crazy bug."      Shadow clenches a fist, her fire colored eyes sparking.      Variks interrupts before she can say anything. "Greetings friend." His sky-blue eyes hold her in place and calm her instantly.      "H-how are you today?" she stutters.      "Variks is still here," he dodges, tapping his staff. "You are well?"      "Oh, er, yes. Thank you. I've been helping Shiro out a lot lately. Things have been a bit shaky since the SIVA incident and-..." she trails off.      "I see." Variks grumbles to himself thoughtfully and gestures for her to sit in her usual place beside him.      Warmed by the offer, Shadow smiles and takes a seat beside him.      After a rather awkward pause, Variks raises his staff admiringly. "You want to hear who I took this from?" He eyes her rather smugly.      Shadow gazes up at him, eyes filled with wonder. Her heart thumps painfully hard against her chest. "A Devil Captain." She remembers him telling her the story like it was yesterday.      The Judgement scribe stands very still and she wonders if she has somehow offended him.      He stares at her long and hard.      She shrinks under his intense gaze.      "Yes..."      Shadow thinks to herself how he almost sounds surprised. [i]Did he think I wouldn't remember?[/i] "I remember." Her voice is small.      Variks shuffles back and forth beside her.      Another pause.      Suddenly finding herself uncomfortable, Shadow changes the subject, fighting against her tightening throat. "I miss her." She doesn't need to say who it is, Variks already knows.      He turns to her. "She will come back to us when she is ready to come back."      Shocked, she stares back. It amost sounds prophetic. Was Mara alive? Her heart beats even faster. If Variks said their Queen was alive, she must be. A hundred questions dance on the tip of the hunters tongue. “I'm glad she helped you," is what she says instead. Variks throws a sideways glance at her. "She was a true Kell," he grumbles solemnly. “She rescued you." She smiles. “Yes... from more than she may know." He works one mechanical arm back and forth as if to stretch it. Shadow tilts her head interestedly. Did they ever ache? “I will cut my throat before I become a slave again." The sudden savagery in his voice startles her. Fierce pride and some sort of deep fondness rush through her. "Admirable," she whispers, growing lost in what little features of his face she could see.      Inwardly, she admits she'd never let Variks become a slave again no matter who tried, or whether he cared or not.



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