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Hawxにより編集済み: 6/21/2019 10:12:47 AM

So...Sword kills for wot?

Edit: So sword kills from others give 2% while your own kills give 12,5%? Didn't know that. Edit 2: Black Talon seems like the way to go Edit 3: Tip for the last step. Get a win streak of at least 2. Go to the Tower and then to Orbit. Go to the character menu, select the same character and go to Tower then Orbit. Rinse and Repeat Edit 4: Quest done. On to the grenade launcher grind I have been playing Iron Banana for the past 2 days or 1 and a half depending on how you look at it. The quest for the armor looked like a good idea and I thought a bit of a challenge would be nice. Got through the first few steps with ease and was happy. The quest was rewarding you for playing IB and even more if you do well. Then came the ability step and I got a little worried. Super kills are fine by me. Melee kills? Fair enough. Grenade kills? Depending on how many kills I need it might be shit or fine (it's 33 kills btw don't trust those who say that you need 150 cuz that's a lie). So it was annoying as you can imagine but I did it. The next step though just makes me dread this quest. It asks you to get kills with various different weapon types [i][b]as a group[/b][/i]. Keep that in mind. Sounds fine right? Scout Rifles, Snipers, Fusion Rifles, Auto Rifles and the one part that makes me dread this quest step. It's sword kills...each kill gives you 2%... As if getting kills with a sword in a gamemode where the better PvP players flock to wasn't difficult enough but only 2%? Come on Bungie. Getting to the heavy to get the ammo is difficult enough cuz lemme tell you: Not everyone will whip out a sword for the quest. Not asking to remove it but could we at least get more % for each sword kill? What are your thoughts on the 50 sword kills that you need in PvP?



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