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JLoco11により編集済み: 6/19/2019 1:18:10 PM

If Iron Banner had a giant flaming Battle Ax as an exotic reward, I would play it

Like the public events in Rise of Iron. A quest line that rewards something completely unique, in the sword category (which lacks an exotic solar sword), would entice players to play. Otherwise, the rewards are a bit lacking to motivate some players. Aside from triumphs and collectors wanting every piece of gear, the new quest seems a bit on the long side, for gear that's not a huge upgrade over what we already have.... or what we can already get in the game. Even with enhanced perks and a second mod slot, that's not a pre-nerf Luna's, Recluse, or Mountaintop level of awesome. But a Battle Ax? That shoots a floor of flames towards people like a thermite grenade? That would get people to play. That would be something worth grinding for.



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