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BLNC1989により編集済み: 7/29/2019 10:51:33 PM

Iron banner quest is ridiculous

Every time I come back to this game and start enjoying it bungie yet again make a needless change that ruins it for me. Why cant we just play iron banner and get drops etc. The bounties...sure. but now this tedious quest for certain weapon kills and ability kills etc..... why does EVERYTHING have to be such a slog now. I've never missed an iron banner and always looked forward to it but I have no desire to have to grind out this stupid quest. Edit. I finished it lll and grinded for shaders and sparrow cause I used all the tokens I earned for the engrams first lol. Btw Cerberus is lowkey meta. Edit2. Yeah. With armor 2.0 coming, not even worth grinding anymore anyways.



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