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Steps for Iron Banner Quest

[b]NOTED: The Website and App use a point based system. I am using percentages and kills. I will provide point conversion and percentages, as well as kills.[/b] [b]NOTED: On Steps 1 - 4 your teammates kills also count towards progress [/b] [b]REMINDER: This quest is meant to be done throughout the Season of Opulence, and is not limited to the week of June 18th, 2019!![/b] [b]CHECK OUT EDIT 6 IF YOU ARE ON STEP 5[/b] Step 1: About 200 kills total from you and your team. Reward: [u]Boots[/u] Step 2: Every capture gives about 1%, so 100 captures. However if you manage to get total control it gives 10%. Reward: [u]Arms[/u] Step 3: This is by far the worst step. The quest steps says get super kills on websites and other media sources. But you have to get super, grenade, and melee kills. Teammate kills count while you are doing this step also. [b]You need[/b] 100 Super Kills (200 points) 100 Melee Ability Kills (100 points) 100 Grenade Kills (150 points) 1 Super Kill = 2 pts 1 Melee Kill = 1 pt 1 Grenade Kill = 1.5 pts The grenade kills take the longest time so you should put on anything that improves uptime on your grenades (grenade mods, exotics, etc...). I recommend using a high damaging grenade. If you have warlocks on your team get them to run arc web grenade BC IT IS OP. It took me in total about 6 hrs/ 20 games to get the grenade kills Reward: [u]Class Item[/u] Step 4: Let it be noted that points/percentages vary depending on who gets the kill. If you get the kill it is worth more. If a teammate gets the kill it is worth less. Also I recommend getting in a Fireteam to get the most efficient progress, The current META is hand cannons and pulse rifles. Having a fire team will allow you to coordinate on the weapons you all want to use. Scout Rifle: 160 points (~33 personal kills or 100 teammate kills) Auto Rifle: 160 points (~33 personal kills or 100 teammate kills) Fusion Rifle: 150 points (~33 personal kills or 100 teammate kills) Sniper Rifle: 50 points (50 kills total) Sword: 40 points (~8 personal kills or ~16 teammate kills) [b]Point system for Step 4: [/b] Scout rifle: A final blow by you is worth 3%. A teammates kill is worth 1%. Your kill = 4.8 pts Teammate Kill = 1.6 pts Auto rifle: A final blow by you is worth 3%. A teammates kill is worth 1%. Your kill = 4.8 pts Teammate Kill = 1.6 pts Fusion Rifle: A final blow by you is worth 3%. A teammates kill is worth 1% Your kill = 4.5 pts Teammate Kill = 1.5 pts Sniper Rifle: All final blows by you and a teammate are worth 2%. 1 Sniper Rifle Kill = 2 pts Sword: When you get a final blow it is worth 12.5%, when a teammate gets a kill it is worth ~6%. Reward:[u]Chest Piece[/u] Step 5: Complete Iron Banner Matches. Each match gives 2% win or lose, so in total it takes 50 matches to complete this step. About 12hrs straight of iron banner. [b]NOTED: Wins streaks greatly increase percentage gain, if you are trying to save about 2-8hrs of game time click on the link on Edit 6.[/b] Reward:[u]Helmet[/u] Upvote this to help everyone out. I did most of this solo and had a decent time, however I recommend having at least one friend with you because being in the playlist for a long time can be very tedious [b]Edit 1[/b] [spoiler] Here are the following armor pieces you will receive from each step. All armor is +3 to your current max light. I had a piece drop +5, I was 742 and had a piece drop at 747 Step 1: You will receive boots Step 2: Arms Step 3: Class Item Step 4: Chest Step 5: Helmet[/spoiler] [b]Edit 2[/b] [spoiler] When you recieve the armor pieces they drop with randomized rolls. After recieving these items they drop randomly in the playlist. Out of the 30 matches played with step 1 & 2 completed, i had about 4 pieces drop. In addition once you receive a particular piece of armor it can also drop from bounties and packages. I would save bounties until quest is done if you want more armor. [/spoiler] [b]Edit 3[/b] [spoiler] I have updated the entire post with corrections, if I have missed anything please let me know. [/spoiler] [b]Edit 4[/b] [spoiler] Please be noted guardians the quest is character based and is not account based progress. You will have to complete each step on each of your characters.[/spoiler] [b]Edit 5[/b] [spoiler]Sorry guys I apologize for my math being off on anything, I wrote most of this at 3 am last night [/spoiler] [b]Edit 6[/b] [spoiler]GUARDIANS! Big news there is a cheese to the final step of the quest! Click this link and it will show you how. [/spoiler] Goodluck grinding Guardians this quest is super long.



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