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6/18/2019 4:39:01 AM

Adventures of Ronin(Fanfiction): So We Meet Again (Featuring Shadow and Variks)

[i]Ronin and Tersik are my creations. Variks and the world is owned by Bungie. Shadow is used by Shadowheartmc. I hope you enjoy this short story I wrote. Constructive Criticism is welcome. Hate will be ignored. Have a great day.[/i] Ronin entered the Fallen structure with Tersik, Bringer of Dawn right on his tail. Inside were an Awoken hunter and a vandal with a green banner behind him. Ronin knew he was staring at Shadow and Variks. "Hm...An old friend is here, yyeesss??" Variks said, putting two of his hands on a table in front of him. "But why did you bring Tersik? He was wanted once by Prison of Elders." "Yes, I'm here," Ronin replied. "And why would you care that I'm with Tersik? You were the one who let the Prison fall." "You've heard this, yesss?" Variks asked. "So...I guess you also know my motive... my dream." "Of course I have. That's why I'm here." Ronin looked up at Tersik, who stood behind him. Then he turned his head to Shadow, who had her hand positioned on her weapon. "I come under the name of Mithrax, Kell of Light." Variks made a noise that could be translated into laughter. "You follow Misraaks? He is no kell. He is a simple captain who has lost his faith in the Great Machine. And you know he's not the first to do so. You know of whom I speak, yeess?" "Fikrul..." Ronin muttered, his fists starting clench his fists. "And you just let him go without a second thought." All four of the vandal's eyes narrowed. "Watch your tongue hunter. You abandoned me when the cabal attacked and never returned. The Prison could have had a chance if you stayed." Ronin lifted up Etheric Shock and aimed it at Variks. "No...I think you should be careful. You know why I couldn't come back. I was about to...before you set them free." Then Ronin heard a gun warm up by his head. "Put your gun down Ronin. Or I'm going to kill you...permanently." Then Tersik lifted Sundown and aimed it towards Shadow. "Lower the gun hunter. Or none of you will leave here in one piece." Ronin lowered his shotgun and held up his hand. "Now now, we dont need to go that far. Lower your weapons. I lost control. That's my bad." He looked at Shadow, who lowered her weapon, but glared daggers at Ronin. He spoke again. "But if you won't be willing to listen to what Mithrax has to say, I'm going to show my way out." "You know I won't," Variks replied. Ronin nodded and started to leave when Shadow put a hand on Ronin's shoulder. "If I see you near Variks one more time, I'm going to personally end you." Ronin turned to her. "We'll see about that." Then he exited the structure with Tersik close behind. Shadow looked back at Variks. "Dont worry Variks. I'm going to make sure that no one, especially them, harms you. No one."



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