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StarRunnerにより編集済み: 6/20/2019 4:38:25 PM

Why is iron banner armor locked behind a quest

what was wrong with how it was before? Edit: Ok so im kinda surprised how some people forgot or i dunno what it is but the problem is not RNG Last season the bounties gave the armor piece related to the bounty and tokens still gave armor I turned in over 150+ tokens and only got specific armor i unlocked from the quest so yeah why did it change if you wanted one armor piece you could do the one bounty it required and do other things now you gotta grind for armor If you don’t do quest you don’t get armor it seems like so why the change? another edit You know it doesn’t make a single difference if they didn’t want us to spend 1000 tokens because you can still use them to buy weapons which is the most beneficial thing especially since raven grenade launcher is supposedly better then the pinnacle launchers so again why is armor locked by quest



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