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HitokiriZenkai8により編集済み: 6/18/2019 11:32:54 PM

SKULL got hit a little to hard

The other super exotics are still pretty good and worth using. Skull is no longer fun or powerful enough to use. Killing six or more low level enemies ought to grant at least half Super back. Killing high level enemies should give bonus super on top of that. I’d say a max of up to 80% back would be a good compromise. Nerfs really do hurt aspects of the game. Edit: To clarify, I tested the Pheonix Protocol and the Rigs for Hunter which are the most popular aside from the Skull. Those seemed to still grant a good amount of energy back. In short they are still fun to use. I haven’t tested the Titan arms so I’m ignorant of the performance on those. Sorry if I implied I had tested everything. Anyway I’m having fun with opulence and hope all of you are as well! I do miss the Skull for top tree Voidlock though. It was fun while it lasted :) Maybe they can give it a little love in the future!



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