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6/18/2019 10:42:47 AM

Can't load into the Dreaming City anymore.

Since the recent season of opulence update I've been having random crashes loading into Destiny 2 or just messing around in Destiny 2 as a whole, all of which can be accredited to "Error reading game content". Solution seems simple enough, find the crash log, get crash info, see which files caused the crash, remove said files, scan and repair and done. However, every now and then on the crash log (which has been updated like 15 times in the past 2 days), I find the error message listed below, which apparently causes a fatal error: world tag loader only allows failure during load, but resourcerer failed during unload with status {{}} ({{''}}) I wouldn't be complaining if this crash happened once every two weeks or something like that, but it's happened fifteen times in two days - I can't even load into the Dreaming City any more because of this stupidity. This means that not only is my grind for the Cursebreaker Title going to come to an abrupt halt, I can't even get the new exotic Rocket Launcher Truth because the second I load into the Dreaming City I get sent right back to the Battlenet launcher with the words "Error Reading Game content". This isn't some annoying bug that hinders gameplay; it makes the game outright unplayable. Can anyone help me with this?



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