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FartOnATartにより編集済み: 6/18/2019 12:10:26 AM

Is there a point in playing on PC? (For those that have ALREADY switched)

I played D2 from the very beginning on XB1. I have 3 characters, a shitload of exotics and weapons and dumped hundreds of hours into it, but I recently wanted to build a PC and now I have dumped hours and hours onto my PC warlock. I've been just trying to refarm and recollect everything I had already done on console. I love it on PC though. So, ultimate question: will cross save benefit me at all? Should I stop playing on PC and just wait for cross save and use my Xbox Live account? I'm at an crossroads because I don't want to play on console anymore..... But yet so much time and stuff was collected on Xbox.... Lmao.



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