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Possible unfair ban? Any recourse/means to appeal?

I have reason to believe I've been unfairly banned from Destiny 2. I logged on this morning from to play some Iron Banner when I was met by the message that my account had been banned. I have over 900 hours (child's play for some hardcore players, I know) on this account with Luna's AND Recluse, as well as TLW and Thorn and pretty much every exotic on each class save for the new Joker's Wild ones. I have no idea how or why I was banned seeing as I've legitimately never used any sort of cheat or macro in my entire Destiny 2 career, much less aimbot. Destiny 2 is my life and I value my account far too much to cheat in any way. The strangest part was that I was playing yesterday until around 2pm CST just fine. Today was the first time I logged in since then, only to find my account had been banned. If there's suspicion, my PvP game history will be posted below so skeptics can take a look. All the stats posted there were me, entirely natural. I don't really know how else I can prove it.



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