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6/16/2019 7:51:23 PM

Sturm Catalyst - Not Making Progress

Ay don't know if it's an issue with using Drang Baroque vs regular Drang or if it's some other bug, but wanted to throw this out there to see if there's a fix since this actually happened a while back with Sturm and the original Drang. I was using Sturm and Drang Baroque yesterday for a while to try out the buff and see if I could make some progress on the catalyst at the same time and was having a blast, but after doing several activities for powerful gear and using them almost exclusively for the entirety of my Dreaming City drops, I checked the catalyst and didn't make any progress whatsoever. It's a pretty big bummer since I was really enjoying the combo with the buff, and thankfully I wasn't *just* going for the catalyst, but still annoying none the less and hopefully it's something that can be fixed easily.



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