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6/14/2019 12:56:58 AM

Ban from PVP for 2 month cause Im in Australia? Or something

Dear Bungie Wtf why was I ban for 2 months from 50% of the game? for "bad connection"? i know you do this to prevent lag switching but what im getting ban cause im in australia now? i know their internet is at the low end but come on every other game works fineish. I always have full to half bar ping (can you switch to actual numbers already) when playing pvp I actually can't tell whats the problem, cause when i play i see everything fine take a shot in the head im dead done, ya once while i see some laggy guy guy but all i know its your matchmaking connecting me to someone other side of the world, really wtf Love your game but this ban is just dumb and has no warning, or i know its just mass 4 stack reports that got salty cause they never used a sniper in their life. I have the right to know the ban in more detail cause as far i can tell its plain unjustified and could even be a unfair ban cause i see plenty of 4 stacks running around lagging everywhere but naaaaaa



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