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6/12/2019 1:17:40 AM

Blackout Issues in Non Strike Activities

Blackout is single handily the worst perk for any non strike activity with rotating challenges like it. In strikes, it mainly just makes you play a bit more carefully around ads, which is honestly perfectly fine and kind of enjoyable. In non strike activities however, blackout can completely ruin the encounters. Referring all the way back to reckoning tier 2 and 3, whenever the taken miniboss spawning on the bridge was a phalanx, my squad would restart, as with blackout the encounter was near impossible (unless doing the well+rig+slova cheese). Adding on to this, the two knights bosses were made excruciatingly difficult, as your dps phase is cut in half, having to move away from the knights much earlier, as their melee's now one shot. In menagerie, almost all of the hive encounters are completely unbalanced. The riposte for example, is near impossible to get more than 2 rotations because the knights which you have to hit with a stick from melee range, now one shot you, meaning that multiple swords have to perma-stagger the knight so he cannot attack as the only counter. Please fix this by removing blackout from these playlists, or at the bare minimum add a patch that disables any yellow bars/bosses from gaining extra melee damage from it.



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