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6/11/2019 10:09:54 AM

Weasel error led to temporary ban; a Destiny 2 networking suggestion

I play on PC (Win 7 Pro 64), and for the last couple weeks or so I've been getting weasel errors every 40 minutes or so that I play Destiny 2. It makes playing multiplayer not only frustrating from a match completion standpoint, but from the fallout due to the way Bungie has programmed Destiny 2:[b] the game thinks you left the match willingly, as opposed to being disconnected due to an error. This means I got temporarily banned from Gambit due to my "quit" ratio being higher than my completion ratio, even though it's an error and NOT a willing dropout. [/b] Surely Bungie's servers can tell when there was a problem with someone's network versus a willing disconnect. If so, the game shouldn't punish players who have internet issues. (I am currently running a very long ping of my network to find any packet loss; it's worth noting that I did not have the weasel error at all until about 2 weeks ago, though as I said I'm still trying to find the cause) Is there a ping threshold for the game (e.g., 300ms) that would result in a weasel error?



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