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(PC)Range=Bullet Magnetism? I think NOT

Is there anyone that can vouch for me that range has no affect on bullet mag there are countless videos and reddits explaining the range stat but i cannot convince my clan that range doesnt affect bullet mag they are making me blow my brain out I even went out of my way to test the range stat for about 2 1/2 hours and could not find solid evidence that the range stat affects bullet mag the only thing that does is opening shot and its night and day Ehroar did a video on the range stat and never once mentioned bullet mag theres also a in depth reddit post on range stat they do talk a bit about aim assist but aim assist doesnt apply on pc Bullet mag is a unlisted set value for each weapon subtype that has no correlation to range but instead is tied to the aim assist stat that i talk about later on You can grab a hand cannon with 20 range and another with 80 and the shots will hit in the same place and they’ll miss in the same place Ive also tested numerous times with different weapons consisting of different ranges consisting of snipers,HC’s,scouts nothing much in full autos like AR’s and subs and pulses as it can be difficult at times to test them Ive also tested the same weapons but with different amounts of range points and there was no change in their bullet mag Here are the links to ehroars video and the reddit post Now here are my own tests that i did on bullet mag and damage falloff: Here are two subs with very large differences in there range stat and as you can they are in same spot that will allow them to hit a head You can also SEE the bullet path out of the barrel and to the head And here is one with two different transfigs one with max range and one with about 70 range testing its damage fall off(at 104m) and bullet mag There just isnt any difference Heres a max ranged bite and a 60 range sole just off-set where the shot would hit Its said that bite along with aggressive framed snipers have a large bullet mag but yet it was hitting the head in the same spot as the sole if they were only moved to the left a couple pixels or so more The bite has max range and its an aggressive and the sole has 60 and its an adaptive so cleary the bite should have hit Range has Zero affect on bullet magnetism and only affects the affective range on the weapon. Here are my own definition of all the stats in d2 even the hidden ones (i might have missed some) RPM: How fast the weapon fires Impact: How much damage a weapon does across weapon subtypes/archetypes (Ex: Handcannons, Sub Machine Guns, Snipers, Etc.) There are many factors that will change the numbers so dont just rely on the impact bar Range: How far the bullet can travel before damage falloff occurs Stability: How stable you weapon/crosshair is when firing/ higher the number the better stability(though some have said that there really is no change or hardly a change) Reload speed: How fast the weapon will reload Handling: How fast the weapon will ready wether that be adsing or just readying the weapon( lucky pants and last word are very noticeable as the spin animation is removed) These 2 are for Rocket Launchers/Grenade Launchers: Blast radius: The damage and radius of the explosion Velocity: How fast the projectile will travel These are the hidden stats: (Hidden) Zoom: Depends on the scope (Hidden) Inventory Size: How much ammo the weapon can carry (Hidden) Aim Assistance: This stat mainly applies to consoles and partially on pc (My own definition really of aim assist numbers in destiny is: the strength at which the crosshair will stick to the target/and or the distance(dont rely on the number) needed for the shot to hit the player hitbox (as this last sentence is reffering to is actually bullet magnetism as bullet mag is actually a type of aim assist). And yes i know there is bullet mag on pc but it does not have a multiplier except for weapon perks and scopes and also this stat cannot be changed by getting the same gun with different stats as this is a hidden set value for every weapon unless modified by perks and scopes Im gonna included a little definition on Bullet Magnetism if anyone doesnt know how it works [quote]• Bullet Magnetism: The amount that a bullet will alter its path out the end of the barrel to hit a target, even if the reticle or aim is slightly off target. The maximum deflection a bullet can take is given by the circular part of the reticle (not the crosshairs) that can be seen when ADS on Last Rites. The circle increases in diameter as the Aim Assist stat gets larger, due either to sights (SureShot), barrels (Smooth Ballistics), or perks that increase AA (Hidden Hand). (This is actually pulled from the d1 wiki on aim assist) along with a video on how bullet Magnetism works and a link to the destiny wiki *this stat is also modified by archetype[/quote] The wiki does reference increasing the range stat increases the aim assist but that has been changed to its own stat thats why there are now two stats 1.Range 2.(Hidden) Aim Assist And that is also a d1 wiki which d1 was only on console not on pc (Hidden) Recoil direction: I really dont know how you measure this in numbers? Its a randomized pattern at least for autos (Hidden(Not really) (Bows/Fusions) Charge Time: How fast the weapon will charge to fire a shot (Lower Number=Faster Shot) Get this post some recognition so everyone can understand how the range stat really works in this game im not asking for much i promise Also why havent they made the option to delete posts? Come on bungo



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