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Illzeldacraftにより編集済み: 6/6/2019 10:51:00 AM

Help with this community plz

Wow I simply asked for help in pvp for comp and these kids come around harassing me and I join their clan do that they could help out and as I said start harassimg me when I asked politely even messaging me personally calling me a "clown" because of my .7 kd that of which I can't control I play in Xbox and the only wish I have is to get better at pvp it's completely unfair how I'm trash talked by "top-tier" players bc of a number that defines who I am in this game I hope this gets to bungie it's not my fault my kd is bad and that no one wants to help me become a better play personally and they come by calling me trash when they're the real trash when they can't get their lives together and show some kindness and help someone out Edit: bungie responded saying they're investigating the situation Edit 2: they actually pulled up where I lived and threatened to DDOS me



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