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6/5/2019 6:55:28 PM

Exotic Armor Nerfs, and The Road Ahead...

These exotic Nerfs (armor) have just changed the PVE meta way too much. I can understand a minor nerf to the gear, but Jesus this is abysmal. Orpheus Rig should have gotten a minor nerf to where enemies killed while tethered would reward slightly more super energy than direct impacts. But instead, just nerf the super regen by both variables (Impact and Kills). Don’t even get me started on Shards and Ursa. Ursa I can understand from a PVP perspective, but Shards... it was a mediocre exotic at best. I fear the game will not have anything interesting to look forward to in the future if these things keep happening. The Recluse, Outbreak Perfected, 1K Voices, etc. “What gets nerfed next?” will be the big question on everyone’s mind for a little while. The “Fun” factor is slowly becoming a thing of the past in the direction we’re headed. I hope things improve, because if they don’t... What? You expect me to play another game? That’s such a stupid thing to say. Besides, it’s not easy boycotting a game you play regularly with your friends now, is it? We all have history- it’s not easy to just “get up and leave” something/someone you have history with behind. To anyone who took the time to read this, thank you. Whether you agree or disagree, I still appreciate the interaction/Feedback. Take care.



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