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5/31/2019 4:35:39 AM

Please make the Revoker energy...

It looks like the pinnacle PvP sniper, Revoker, will be a kinetic sniper. This is probably so it pairs with NF/Luna's Howl and The Recluse. We already see a lot of kinetic weapons paired with these. Mountaintop, The Supremacy, Bite of the Fox, etc. Adding Revoker to this list just makes another carbon copy of already existing loadouts, especially in the case of pairing it with Recluse. I feel like making this weapon a kinetic is a missed opportunity. Imagine if the gun was an energy weapon? It could be paired with The Last Word, maybe encouraging more players to try the classic combo. It could also he paired with The Chaperone, thus creating some serious synergy with Way of the Wraith. The perk of Revoker would mitigate the risk of this loadout a little to encourage more players to try it. Also, it might encourage people to put down NF/LH on console. Players need reasons to try something else; not just have a buff to their already existing loadouts. On top of this, the best legendary snipers are already kinetic. Supremacy, Bite of the Fox, that blue one, etc. Energy snipers that are accepted as good are The Long Goodbye and Twilight Oath. Sole Survivor is on the list, but farming for that good roll is extremely frustrating, considering the drop rates of Gambit Prime weapons.



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