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5/30/2019 7:11:28 AM

Change the pinnacle crucible weapon for next season.

The newest sniper that will be added next season does not do what a pinnacle weapon should do. Pinnacle weapons are supposed to be rewarding when you get into the perfect setting and any time you aren’t in the perfect setting it’s just supposed to work like a normal gun. This new sniper doesn’t do that it instead does the exact opposite. This sniper rewards people when they are in the worst setting, they’re missing shots and they will continue to miss shots until they finally get the kill. I would much rather see a new sniper that rewards precision, like after getting a precision hit the next shot is more powerful. This perk would be amazing as if you continue to hit precision shots you’ll have it forever but it wouldn’t really be used until someone with a super comes and then you’ll be able to one shot headshot or two shot body them shutting them down if you hit them. If you miss it’ll probably be your death. This follows exactly what a pinnacle weapon should be, a weapon that rewards people when they are playing skillfully.



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