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4/28/2019 4:50:42 AM

| Heartificial | Ĥ♥ | XBOX | Recruiting PvP players who are looking to get into competitive/sweat matches & hardcore PvE raiders|

Advise, Assist, Lead. Heartificial was founded for the need of an active clan who consistently strives for excellence in all areas of this game. We are actively seeking members who engage in high level PvP and PvE and are especially interested in those who will help lead the less experienced members in the community. - Active on Discord - Scheduled clans events - PvP scrimmages and leagues once our base grows Requirements - Actively uses/checks Discord - 1.5 K/D or 25 overall raid completions We are a new clan who are looking to build a new base of similarly minded people in preparation for season 7. Once we get enough members who are interested in high level PvP we’ll be placed into a sweats league on Discord for weekly clan matchups. We will also have the ability to LFG with other clans on there for comp matches. Link to our clan profile: If you’re interested in joining our clan or have any questions about the requirements or what we’re about message me here on bnet or on discord NocIu#0713



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