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4/26/2019 5:06:36 PM

Did they really just nerf the two pinnacle PvP weapons? Really?

I suck at PvP. I didn't bother grinding for any of the PvP pinnacle weapons. So I play PvP weekly as needed for my milestones, but not too much beyond that. I do however play enough to reset my rank at least once a season, and I generally do IB(seeing as it actually has a good matching system). That being said, the devs are just plain stupid at this point. Other than to push people away from using something they enjoy, this type of change will have ZERO impact on the quality of life for the average or below average PvP player. ZERO. It won't make it more "fair", and it is not going to fix the shitty matchmaking system and make it any more fun to just jump in and kill some guardians. Something else will rise up in their place and the net gain for the players will be ZERO. Bungies has a great art department, and whomever codes the basic shooting mechanics are REALLY good at their jobs. The rest of you? Yeah, not so much. But hey, I'll use my great Service Revolver, and any number of other weapons that easily compete with anything in the game(when matchmaking is favorable), and ignore your nonsense, once again. Why don't you make shooting them cost enhancement cores? That seems about on par with your logic, and would make them "meaningful", right? -blam!-ing ridiculous



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