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4/15/2019 12:38:18 AM

[PS4][NA] Cayde's Wrecking Crew - Casual Gamer/Family Clan

Hey there! [b]Cayde's Wrecking Crew[/b] is looking for casual, active players of all ages looking for a family-oriented clan who just want to connect, play, and have fun with. We run Strikes, Gambit matches, Nightfalls, and Raids whenever we can and are always willing to help out newer members whenever possible. If you're just starting out, looking for a clan to help you get started, or just looking for a place to call your own, we hope to provide all that for you here at Cayde's Wrecking Crew! All we ask is that you're respectful, active, and enjoy playing Destiny as much as we do! If your'e interested in joining, please send us a message!



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