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4/12/2019 11:02:01 AM

UNFAIR Access Restricted

Greetings Bungie team, This is the first time in 4 years that i decide to post anything on these threads because all i do is to understand every issue either it benefits all guardians or just bungie (wich i believe should be the same) and i try to see everything from a human (an exigent human) point of view and i realize i love Bungie's work. I will not critizice before letting you know that i admire your efforts and the development you have delivered to all this loyal community including myself on it for the rest of my life (and these are heavy words to say to a company but my loyalty lies with you) so... I can tell myself as a good guardian, a devote guardian, i help everybody as much as i can, im a beast at the crucible as well, yes, i run with my Luna's Howl, my god roll parcel of stardust and my 1k voices and i have worked everyday over the last 6 months om my armor so i got my perfect enhanced roll set. Yes, Bungie, im a tryharder. A LEGAL TRYHARDER, i simply love the game SO MUCH, i have introduced my family on it, my 2 cousins and my brother play with me, several neightbors play with me. I really enjoy my time when i play D2. However, the most denigrating and humilliating fact took place for me yesterday after the update when i realized that my access to the crucible platform was temporary restricted and it literally sent me to read a guide about how to be a good guardian "???"... Guys, should i send you a guide about how to differentiate a rage quitter from a Venezuelan player? A Venezuelan who sadly has to live under an oppresive regime that controls everything including the electricity and internet services. I dont know if you have read south-american news, but several power shut-downs have been reported from Venezuela over the course of the month, the entire country has gone black-out for many hours EVEN DAYS. And since im an investor, i make my money work for me, all i do is to play and earn my coins. So every time this issue (that has nothing to do with you) occurs, im playing either gambit or competitive, and then it counts as a QUIT when IT IS NOT. I CAN TELL YOU THAT I HAVE QUITTED UNDER MY OWN WILL 2-3 GAMES SO FAR IN THE LAST 4 YEARS PLAYING DESTINY. So don't restrict me my access to the game i made the effort to pay and much more than that, all the free publicity i mean EVERYTHING. Im very dissapointed with the control you've shown me you got for this issues and i would really appreciate a comprehensive answer. It is NOT FAIR that because im Venezuelan now i have to worry about a BAN in my FAVORITE AND ONLY GAME. Bungie im with you and you are slapping me right at my face. I consider this as an humilliating aspect of your connectivity issues control. Now DO NOT COME AND TELL ME what to do to improve my internet connection because i have already done everything there was to be done, i've connected my PS4 to the router via LAN cable, i have established an static IP for the console and opened all the 10 especific TCP/UDP ports with UpNp enabled, i have configured the DNS servers the fastest possible way and now im writting you in this thread to ask you to check the insights of my logs so you can prove my word. I am NOT a quitter. I am one of the most devote guardians i've ever known, instead. I am looking forward to get an apologize from and both an early and professional response from your part to deal with this problem and lead it to a satisfactory finale for your legal and loyal customer/consumer. I am not only asking you to remove the restriction, im asking you to remove the restriction apologize with the community and to reconsider your connection issues filter methods and range. We all want Destiny 2 to stay alive, to grow. But there's no worst blindness than the one from those who don't want to see. I deposit my faith on you, do not fail me. Best wishes, Juan Pablo Hernández, A humble guardian.



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