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4/4/2019 7:10:37 PM

Can We Get A "Bungie Replied" On Sub-Rank Locks?

Seeing a lot of buzz on the forums lately about the idea of sub-rank locks for Competitive. For those who are unfamiliar: A system where you won't drop below your current sub-rank (Heroic III, for example) when losing. Some people, probably mostly solo queue players of varying skill, will likely think it's a good idea. Other people, probably mostly Crucible gods who've already attained their pinnacle weapons, will likely argue against it. Regardless, I was wondering if Dmg or Cozmo might chime in with a "We'll pass it along.", or "There's something in the works, so stay tuned.", or even the often vague wording for "We basically don't like or agree with this idea so yeah no probably definitely not gonna happen."



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