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Blueにより編集済み: 4/3/2019 3:12:58 AM

Error code “beet” been going on for 2 days.

I’ve been having a really bad issue when attempting to load into comp where I’ll start loading in then be disconnected with a “beet” error on my screen as I’m told I quit a comp match early and recently been getting [b]suspended[/b] for this nonsense. I’ve tried all the possible fixes and nothing has worked so far, cleared the cache several times, restarted the internet after turning console off, even closed Destiny 2, turned Xbox off, cleared cache, kept Xbox unplugged, restarted internet, and still I’m getting the error code. What is happening?! Just getting a little annoyed that I’m losing points to a stupid error code. Update: 3 Suspensions now because of this crap. Please help me. Compensate my points back, something because I’m getting tired of this bullshit.



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