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Joan_of_Boatにより編集済み: 3/31/2019 6:22:33 PM

A crypt for all the past to present posts I documented/found.





Miss clicked


These are all the past and present locked posts that I managed to document but was not able to give each a more respectful memorial. I just dumped the [url=]links[/url] of each locked post in an unsorted pile ("mass grave"). However, recently during editing, I labelled each link and this post will be now known as a "crypt." Enjoy:[spoiler][quote]When a Ninja finally locks a Political post: What is the best PG insult you ever heard: Trump should change genders to a woman: Roast me: Reporting a DDOS player: REPORT THIS PLAYER: Player hunt: Paul Manafort: No: I'M DONE WITH THIS TRASH! CRUCIBLE IS A DAMN JOKE: Here's Feedback. Get rid of these people: Commander Scurvy: Restricted From Posting Fireteam Finders: Last wish raid: wow: False restriction for no reason: Are you listening DMG04: Lol Whos mans is this: BEWARE OF [REDACTED]: Petition to Choose Rewards: I'm not convinced Bungie play tests anything: Varvatos vex: I found a naughty Ninja: My account suspended: [REDACTED]: Please Pay Respects to Locked Thread: Ok guys, we need to watch out for this now: (artemis) Ok guys, we need to watch out for this now: When a ninja locks a post about a political post: Fact: [b].[/b]: PSN player using network manipulation to win comp matches: Another Season: Roast me: Need help of code of conduct violation. I did nothing wrong please help: Suspended: Fireteam post ban: The Ninjas Strike Back: Destiny: I nominate dmbfan09 for president: Least favorite user: I'd like to speak with a Ninja please: MandalortheWise has been banned: Our boi chubbyninja got banned: Off topic respect our ninjas plz: What user just grinds your gears:[/quote][/spoiler] #RIP all these posts.



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