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3/25/2019 3:02:14 PM

DDoS’d yet again from Comp, against 4 Luna’s, and get a temp ban.

I guess I can’t get to Fabled. Sitting at 1400 Glory, been on a good streak. Nearly there to Fabled AGAIN, but the closer I get, I run into either 4 stacks of Luna’s/Dust Rock/Wardcliff Hunters or DDoS players who cheat when Luna’s isn’t working out for them. Literally owning this team of 4, all running said loadout, in Survival. We had a 2 point lead, about to get 3, then a blueberry on our team, who was top of leaderboard, gets kicked from game. We eventually won that round, making it 3-0. The moment we started the 4th round, we get swarmed by 3 guys, and got wrecked. Spawned on their original spawn, only to find their 1 guy AFK. Shortly after killing him, I get kicked back to title screen, and then receiving a temp ban from comp. I did get the person’s name, but I can’t report him, due to previous game stats unavailable. Bungie, I understand that we can’t post names in forums, due to the massive volume of players and how the majority would abuse it, but this is just ridiculous. I’ve reported many accounts, from DDoSing friends, to players lag switching, and so on in-game, but when it happens to yourself, and you can’t do anything to report, there needs to be a messaging system for stuff like this. I could care less about the temp ban, will just play something else until then. But the DDoSing has got to end somehow. You’re security system is bogus. So bogus, I bet I could get through it and shut the servers down, and keep it down. Crap, let’s hire the kid who shut down PSN and do it to Bungie. Maybe then they’ll do something about their online security and anti-cheating methods.



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