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3/23/2019 9:04:00 PM

Gambit Reckoning Tier 3, bugged?

It seems the levels between Reckoning Tier 3 and 2 got mixed and switch places? All the current guides on it are a bit inaccurate now. So currently Reckoning Tier 3, is the level with the catacombs and Axe wielding Abyssal Champions that have to be killed in the hermit light. Which brings me to some glaring bugs on that level. When the Abyssal Champions attack with their melee, it's bugged and they are to splash damage through physical objects or pillars a player behind, unfairly instantly killing them. Same with those taken traps mount on the walls, which push people off to the side. The the blast can even hit a player through and object and send them flying 50m across the map, which is broken. If a player can't hit a target or monster through objects, then monsters or level damage shouldn't be able to do so. Those Abyssal Champions can also complete hit air and miss hitting a player, but still kill them? I understand that Reckoning Tier 3 is suppose to be challenging, but at the same time for sake of gameplay. It shouldn't have some really broken/buggy mechanics which makes for unfair frustrating game play. For amount of grind for the gear, only for the majority to be scrap because of poor stats in rng doesn't seem as worth it.



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