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The Trials

As it turned out, finding the damned thing didn't take so long. After a few hours in Gambit, it reared its ugly, meatball looking head. However, there was a problem they hadn't thought of. Sara was able to stand up to the thing with relative ease. She had stood in the face of such Darkness before. She had stared down the Taken King, fought and killed Xol, and stood toe to talon with Riven. This, combined with her time spent as a Collector had made standing in the presence of pure Darkness a much easier task. But her team hadn't had that kind of, for lack of a better word, training. When the thing appear, its aura knocked her entire team down, their lights struggling to burn in the oppressive Darkness. Sara had tried to fight the thing herself, but it was much stronger than the one's she had faced in the Dreaming City. Unable to make little more than a dent in the thing, Sara quickly transmatted her and her teammates out of the arena. A short time after transmatting out, Sara walked into the Derelict to meet the Drifter, who stood pacing near the Gambit launch bay. "What the hell is that thing? Ive never seen or felt something like that." Sara asked, sitting down on a ledge near the Drifter, shedding her armor and starting to clean it. "Sister I have no idea. Whatever's going on in that Awoken city seems to have woken up something real angry. Regardless, we need that things heart." He says, his normally cheerful face turned into a grimace. "Yeah well, unless you have a team of Guardians who can stand in that kind of Darkness fro any length of time, that isn't going to happen any time soon" Sara says as she shines a pauldron. The Drifter stops and rubs his chin. "I don't, but you do. I know you haven't been on the best of terms with your fireteam, but ain't no one better than them at standing up to Darkness, at least in comparison to you hero." He grins, rubbing his chin. "While that's true, Vexis and Bella joining us makes three. We still need one." Sara says, placing her pauldron down next to her. The Drifter thinks on this for a moment, tapping his foot. "You got a point sister. That thing is gonna need four lights to go down. And we cant get just anyone, today showed us that much. We need someone hard and used to moving in darkness." He muses. Sara picks up some of her leg armor and gets to work polishing it, making sure to get in between the grooves. She racked her brain, thinking over everyone she had dealings with over the years. Most of her friends from before the Red War had died, and those made after weren't as used to the Dark like she was. She tapped her foot against the ledge, her hands busy with the polishing. As she scrubbed, she had a crazy idea. "I have a Guardian. One of my old cohort from before the Red War. She stood with me against Oryx, so this thing shouldn't pose a risk to her. But we haven't talked much since Cayde's passing. It'll take some convincing, but she would be the perfect fourth." She says, grabbing the next piece of armor. The Drifter looks at her, cocking an eyebrow. "Why did you two stop talking? A bond like slaying a Hive god doesnt break so easy." He asked. Sara gripped her cloth, squeezing the dirty rag between in her fist. "She...she was supposed to come with me on Caydes last mission. She blames both herself and me for his death." Sara says, her eyes clenched tight.



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