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3/18/2019 5:35:11 PM

Competitive Crucible

Introduce a solo-only competitive crucible queue


Keep things the way they are


Some other, better solution


I'll preface this by stating that, overall, I have enjoyed playing Destiny and there are a lot of things Bungie has done well. I'll also make it clear that I'm a 'filthy casual.' When I sit down to play, I'm playing solo for a couple of hours and I usually just jump into comp crucible solo as this is the main aspect of the game I'm interested in. I'd say I'm mediocre in terms of skill - I was decent enough to be able to grind for Luna's solo, which brings me to the point of this post. Crucible is a complete embarrassment and Bungie should be ashamed of their neglect for this mode. They have forsaken (pun intended) the blueprint of every other successful fps, for some unknown reason. Here are my main gripes: 1. Excessive health and time to kill, fostering team-shooting. 2. The worst matchmaking I've ever witnessed, including allowing someone to load into a game one or more players down and then punishing them for losing, even though they were facing an insurmountable disadvantage from the outset. 3. Fundamentally broken reward system, in which a player who has done well (high k/d) is punished for losing due to an incompetent team. Similarly, it rewards non-contributors/bad players who happen to be on the winning team. 4. Inability to select a competitve game mode 5. The most disgraceful aspect of comp is the absence of a solo competitive playlist. If Bungie has stated that the mode is exclusively for teams, forgive my ignorance, but I don't believe they have. There is no excuse for this. It is utterly unacceptable. The above issues disproportionately negatively impact solo players, but the entire community should want these issues to be addressed as numbers are dwindling. Pandering to teams is not an intelligent long-term strategy. Similarly, the argument that they cannot implement a solo queue due to player numbers is ridiculous, essentially equating to-- 'we've destroyed the mode to such an extent that it is now only attractive to teams; everyone else has either abandoned it or is contemplating abandoning it. Seeing as our player base in comp is now teams, we can't make changes to benefit the wider population, or we'll -blam!- over teams.' Ridiculous. Anyway, Bungie should immediately clarify what their intention for this game mode is, so solo players have no false expectations or hopes that they will address the issues above. If Bungie intends to fix these issues, fantastic! However, I don't believe they will and I've seen some infuriating responses to similar threads from players who always play in a stack and are unwilling to acknowledge these issues. Apparently, team-stomping solo players is a more enjoyable experience than actually 'competing' against other teams. Don't get me wrong, not all stacks are good, but anyone suggesting teams are not at an advantage is disingenuous. In conclusion, there are a number of ways in which Bungie could address the 5 main issues above, the easiest being the introduction of a solo competitive queue. I'm interested in seeing whether other players would be interested in this also.



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