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The Curse

"You know cousin, you've been around here so often that I can recognize you just by the sound of your steps." Petra says. Sara gives her a light laugh as she walks up next to her friend, her helmet disappearing. The two had known each other before the incident at the Prison, they'd worked closely together to capture Skolas so many years ago, but the events at the Watchtower had solidified and strengthened their bond. The both knew they could count on the other as friend and comrade. As the two watched the city, Petra gives Sara a once over. "I can feel that darkness clinging to you." She comments nonchalantly. They'd had this same conversation the first time some six weeks prior, and again three weeks after the first. As much as it reminded them of the curse that plagued them and the Dreaming City, they still found some amount of comfort in the conversation. "Is that a bad thing?" Sara asked, turning to meet Petra's gaze. "Not necessarily. We true Awoken lived in equal measures Darkness and Light, unlike you guardians huddle under your Traveler, or the Hive guided by their sword logic. Maybe it's a good thing, a sign that you are more than your labels." Petra said with a small smile. Sara laughed. "Most of my kind wouldnt see it that way. My fireteam, Bella and Vexis, have been giving me worried glances. I dont think they like how much time I've spent in Gambit, or how much time I've spent talking to the Drifter." She says, her voice a little downtrodden but steady. "Ah, the Drifter. A man I would very much like to meet at some point. With the things he's seen, maybe he might have some answers to this curse." Petra mused, thumbing the butt of her knife. "Maybe he does, but I doubt he'd just give it to you. Everything's got a price with the Drifter and I doubt you'd be willing to give him what he wants." Sara replied, nudging Petra out of her thoughts. "But pleasantries aside, I've got an Awoken Paladin to save. Nice chatting with you Petra." Sara said as she started to walk off. "Always a pleasure cousin." Petra replied, watching as Sara walked away. "I hope you know just who you're throwing in with."



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