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The Shore

Once Sara had finished her weekly duties in the Dreaming City, she made her way to the Tangled Shore. The Spider, an acquaintance she'd made during her 'tour' of the shore, had a few odd jobs for her. If it were anyone else she'd have declined, but The Spider always paid much higher for these kinds of things. After clearing out a few Cabal refugees at Sorik's cut (there always seemed to be more), Sara headed back to The Spiders little cave. Nodding at her ghost, it beeped before depositing about twenty Cabal helmets onto the floor. Spider's guards jumped a little, but the fat fallen himself merely laughed. "See, this is why I like you." He wheezed before gesturing towards his left guard, who presented Sara with her glimmer. "Always a pleasure Spider." Sara said as she grabbed the bag. Before she could walk out, however, The Spider coughed, the guards moving to block her path. "A moment guardian." He said, tapping on his chair. Sara turned to face him, flames jumping between her fingers as she readied herself for a fight. "Calm down, calm down. I'm not looking to start a fight in my own home, especially not with someone who does such good work." He said, gesturing for his guards to lower their weapons. Sara relaxed, of only a little. "Well then, speak your piece." She said, the flames now resting on the back of her palm. Spider wheezed, coughing a little before continuing. "I know you've been dealing with the Drifter. Don't look so shocked, there arent many underhanded things that happen in this system that I'm not aware of. Regardless, I figured I'd let you know that there are certain parties who would like to see not just him dead, but anyone he associates with dead as well. Just figured I'd let you know, given our mutually beneficial relationship. I'd hate to see see your ghost added to my...collection." He chuckles a little before leaning back in his chair. Sara clinches her fists, her hands sparking with flames for a moment before she calms down. "Dont worry Spider. I dont plan on being an easy target." She says, her voice icey. "I'd hope not." Spider says before sitting up straight. "But with that, our business is concluded." He waves her off. Sara leaves, but not before making a smoldering hole in the side of his cave with her fist. She and the Drifter needed to have words.



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