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Destiny 2

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The Aftermath

Sara's journey to the Tangled shore was one of blood and death. Working with her fireteam, they mercilessly hunted down the barons and Uldren. While those in the tower would question whether she did it or not, Sara had put a bullet in Uldren, straight through the chest, the same place he had put one through Cayde only days ago. While they had uncovered some deeper, darker plan for them, hidden away in the Dreaming City, Sara had other business to attend to before catching up with her fireteam there. "Hey there hero." The Drifter said as Sara approached his little alcove in the bazaar. "Drifter." She replied, her voice steady. "Heard what you did out there. Gotta say, pretty unguardian like of you, hunting down those barons like you did. Not to mention Uldren, wooo boy that must have been somethin. Wished I could have seen that." The Drifter says with a whistle. "But I don't think you're here to exchange pleasantries." Sara stood silent for a moment, weighing her options on last time. "Show me what you were talking about before I left." She finally said. Taking a few steps more towards the Drifter, the two now only inches apart. The Drifter cracked a smile and flipped his coin. "It would be my pleasure. You remember that game you played about a week ago, Gambit? Well I've fine tuned it and am releasing it to the public. Go try it out. I'm sure you'll find something there that gives you what you're seeking." He pats her shoulder. "And when you find it, there wont be a being alive that'll think you an easy target." So she did. Sara went and played. And played. And played. She became one of the best damn collectors out there, sending blockers left, right, and center. She also had a knack for summoning particularly brutal Primeval's, which were the monstrous taken she'd seen before. And as she fought she felt herself get covered in thick darkness. But unlike before, she no longer felt sick. Instead, she felt...strong.



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