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3/17/2019 5:43:24 PM

The Drifter and His Taken

[spoiler]Decided to make a theory post with the new Invitation of the Nine. If you have not watched it DO NOT READ THIS! Go and do it and watch the cutscene. Go. Leave. Ok if you’re still reading you’ve watched it[/spoiler] So before the invitation came out, it was known that the Drifter controlled his Primevals, and most likely had complete control over them. With the cutscene, it showcased him summoning one (it was dope) but he did not control it. The Emmisary had to portal it away (or whatever they do when they die). The only difference between that cutscene and the other times we know he has summoned Primevals is the Haul. Now just a chunk of ice shouldn’t be able to control Taken right? Well I think it is more than that. I think that it houses a controller of sorts, that without it the Taken from the Drifter would run rampant with no control. We know it’s a portal to unknown space, where there are a lot of Taken, and what seems like Primevals. What if that is where he now summons them from? And his partnership with the Nine keep them in line? That would mean they would be “domesticated” to the Nine, which is very interesting. The cutscene could be interpreted as showing the Nine have control over the Taken, since the Emmisary portaled it away without lifting a finger. If I am right about this, then that means multiple beings can control the Taken, since Savathun is creating Taken under her control. This could also mean the the Nine have replaced Oryx, and not Savathun like previously thought. This is a very rough theory that is open to change so I hope y’all will inform me of what I missed. Cheers and thanks for listening (reading whatever)



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