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The Return

The tower seemed muted. As Sara sat with her fireteam outside the Vanguard meeting room, everything that once seemed bright looked muted in gray's. The words of solace passed to her by human and guardian alike fell on deaf ears. All she could think about was her fallen friend with a hole deep in his chest, the scattered shards of his Ghost laying around him. She felt these conflicting emotions, red hot fury, a need to slaughter those that had put Cayde down for good, endless black guilt for her failure to save him, deep blue sadness for the friend she had lost. Unable to sit still any longer, waiting for the living members of the Vanguard to call to her, Sara stood and marched off, the sound of her own booming steps echoing in her head. She paced all around the tower, which was almost completely empty at the time as human and guardian alike had gone to mourn the fallen hunter. But one did not. "Sorry to see him go." A gruff voice said behind Sara as she stood near market. "Always a shame to see one of our own fall, even when we may not see eye to eye with them." Sara turned to see the Drifter, leaning against a pillar. "If it's so sad, then why arent you mourning like everyone else." Sara said, her usually booming voice reserved and quiet. "A good question, but one you know the answer to already. So instead of playing twenty questions, how about I make you an offer." He replied, stepping off the pillar and walking up to the titan. "See, I like you. And I know you wanna get revenge. So I say go do it, no matter what your Vanguard tells you. Hunt down the bastards that put Cayde in the dirt for good." The Drifter encouraged, resting a hand on Sara's pauldron. "Once that's done, come see me. I'll show you a way to get stronger than you could ever imagine, a way to show all those things out there that want to snuff out your light that it ain't gonna be so easy." Sara looked at him, dead in the eye, staying silent as she tried to create a reply. She wanted to tell him off, tell him that whatever his game was that she wouldnt play it. But she also wanted to accept his offer, to crush and outplay everyone. But before she could decide which angle to play, her Ghost beeped and informed her that the Vanguard were ready to see her. Without a word Sara walked off, leaving the Drifter behind. "Good luck sister! Show em that we ain't so easy!" The Drifter called to her as she walked off.



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