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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
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The First Time

Sara followed the Drfiter into his ship, three random Guardians trailing behind her. The Drifter had been rushing them pretty fervently so they hadn't had a chance to learn each other's names, but she had a feeling that the Drifter wanted it that way. She had only just met the man (he hadn't been at the tower when she was risen nor anytime after) and something about him felt off, but he promised her and the others an experience like no other so Sara took him up on it. Her bright white and gold armor, freshly forged during the recent Solstice, looked dull in the darkness of the ships corridors, but somehow seemed to shine compared to the Drifter's old and grimy cloak. As they walked the Drifter was going in and on about this new experience, explaining how he had never seen anything like it in the entire system. He called it 'Gambit'. Why he called it that, Sara couldn't tell, but he seemed excited by it. It wasnt long after he finished his explanation that they entered a room with two seperate platform's. One was completely empty, the other filled by four other guardians. On the Drifters que, Sara and the three others stepped onto the empty platform. The Drifter then flipped some sort of jade coin that managed to change its symbol an impossible amount of times before landing on his palm, the symbol of the Red Legion adorning it. The Drifter chuckled and called "Cabal on the field!" Shortly after that everyone was teleported to what looked like a pocket of the EDZ and it was crawling with Cabal. The guardians readied their weapons and charged. The entire thing lasted about thirty minutes and made Sara feel...gross. It seemed normal enough at first, but after the enemies died they dropped these little triangles that were filled with Darkness, or so the Drifter told them. Just picking them up made Sara feel a little ill, but her titan stubbornness wasnt going to let her stop. So she collected more and more until she couldn't carry anymore, at which point she threw them into what the Drifter called a 'bank'. She didn't realize what she'd done until the same was done to her team. Taken. These motes somehow caused Taken to manifest when collected, and it appeared that the more motes you banked, the bigger the Taken. But that wasn't the end of it. Bank enough motes and what could only be described as an abomination of pure Taken energy would appear. The game ended when that being died. As she sat in the hull of the ship, breathing hard and fast as she recovered, the Drifter walked over and patted her on her broad shoulders. "Woah sister, ain't never seen no one bank like you! Had a few other groups of light try this out before y'all came aboard, but none of them seemed as determined to send the Taken out like you. Your getting paid today!" He exclaimed, his grin wide and toothy. Sara brushed his hand away before standing. "Just get me out of here. Cayde needs my help on some secret mission and if I dont go soon, I'll be late." She says, making sure to keep a little distance between herself and the Drifter. He concedes with a shrug and gestures towards a hall. "Right this way." He says, the grin never leaving his face.



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