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Destiny 2

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The Crossroads

Sara sat in the old church in the perch that her friend Devrim usually stood, the cool air of the night brushing against her uncovered face. In her right hand she held a gun, a hand cannon forged in darkness and dripping with taint, able to rip the light right out of a guardian: Malfeasance. In the other she held the symbol of the Drifter, which she studied intently. Her mind raced, thinking over the last two years. Two years of war, of lies, of deceit, of death. Going back even further she remembered her first steps as she was risen, her first jump to the tower, her first meeting with the Vanguard. As these thoughts raced she felt a pit in her stomach, a feeling of intense guilt and betrayal. But she also felt resolute. She knew she had picked the correct side. Maybe not the right side, maybe not the side of good, but the correct one. Her thoughts, however, were interrupted by her Ghost beeping, alerting her to the friendly dots on her map. Standing, her helmet once again covered her face as she leapt down to greet her guests, her comrades. Landing with a thud, she looked upon the fellow Guardians. They were jer fireteam, had been since the Red War. One was a Hunter named Bella, an Awoken with a wispy frame. She was covered in Crucible gear, a symbol of her time spent in Shaxx's madhouse. The other was a Warlock named Vexis-7, an Exo built just like every other. His gear was mostly comprised of things looted from the vault of the black armory, those his helmet was a reminder of the slain Ahamkara Riven. The two stopped a few feet in front of her, the moonlight shining off their armor and the new necklaces they had, each sporting a copper V, showing their solidarity with the Vanguard, and by extension their opposition to her. "You have to stop this Sara. You cant follow this path, this...darkness." Bella pleaded, her voice high pitched, even for an Awoken. "She's right. Come back with us, talk to Zavala. It's not too late." Vexis concurred, his voice deep and metallic. Sara gripped both her gun and the symbol tight, a small tear falling unseen under her helmet. After a small silence that felt as if an eternity had passed, she spoke. "No." She said simply, facing away from the Guardians she had once called partners and friends. "I cant go back. I cant trust them. The Vanguard that stands guard over humanity are liars and cowards. They would rather sit and wait for the enemy to leave than actually strike back. They have no plan for us other than to live, and that's not enough." She looks up at the ceiling, the light not reaching far enough and covering the roof in a layer of darkness. "He has a plan. He knows we have to strike back. He is willing to work with me, not order me around." She says, clinching the symbol so hard she feared it might crack. "He may be dangerous, but we need dangerous right now." As she speaks she hears her once friends shuffle and the familiar clack of weapons being readied. Shuttering a little at the thought of what came next, Sara turned and pulled her gun up, taking aim at the two people who were seeking to stop her. "I'm sorry." She whispered, more tears falling unseen. Bang.



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