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Looking Into It (Warlock of Shadows Part 2)

Sevestapol scoured through ever nook and cranny within the Drifter’s room for those ‘bugs’ he seemed to mention in their discussion the other day. She scoffed as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Yeah...I don’t think you’re gonna find those bugs any time soon Sev.” As that was said, her ghost came out of nowhere, floating over her shoulder. It flew around the room, checking every spot as well. “Whoever did this, clearly must know a thing or two about hiding shit. My guess, damn Hunter did it.” Sevestapol cursed under her breath, standing up and walking towards the exit. She TRIED to find them, but kept finding nothing. The more aggravating thing was that she had been trying since the very morning and it was noon by the time she gave up. “A Hunter you say? Well that just makes things more complicated. Do you have any ideas to WHO this Hunter may be?” Her ghost turned to look at her, its voice having a hint of curiosity to it. Sadly though, her only response was a shake of her head and a small shrug. “Sadly no. We’ll try again later. We have more pressing matters to deal with. Got a friend of the Drifter’s to pick up.” Sevestapol said bluntly, lightly grabbing her ghost as it transmatted them both to her ship to go searching for that supposed ‘friend’.



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