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AltroGamingBrosにより編集済み: 3/17/2019 3:14:53 PM

An Unlucky Chat With An Old Friend (Rika #5)

[b]Playing back live feed...[/b] [Rika]: So, is this the place you wanted to take me? [???]: Yes, it is. Now, you wait here. [i]Sounds of footsteps fade...[/i] [Rika]: Ghost...record ALL of this okay? I won’t be able to do one of them post-event tapes right now. [i]Sounds of two sets of footsteps approaching...[/i] [Drifter]: Well I’ll be damned! If it isn’t my old friend Rika! [Rika]Tch...long time Drifter. What exactly is the reason you brought me here eh? To off me yourself? [???]: Watch what you’re saying, cause you can easily be snuffed out like a night light by us both. [Drifter]: Easy there need to get aggressive. Anyway! I’ve simply come to make a deal with you. [Rika]: What kind of deal? I swear if this is something made to purposefully get me killed so help me god- [i]The sound of a Thorn being shot can be heard, followed by the sound of someone falling on the ground.[/i] [Rika]: WHAT THE?! [???]: I said watch what you are saying, or are you too idiotic to even listen dipshit? [Drifter]: Walk away Sister...walk away. [???]: Tch! Fine! I’ll leave you to chat with her. [i]Footsteps fade as the sound of Rika struggling to her feet can be heard.[/i] [Rika]: How did she- [Drifter]: It doesn’t matter HOW she got it. Anyway, about what I wanted to ask you. There’s this guy I sent to find a new guardian, an unlucky sod of a child. [Rika]: What do you want me to do once I find her...? [Drifter]: Kill that [i]static[/i] ghost for daring to thrust a poor child into this hell hole of a world. [Rika]: That’ That is all you want me to do? Find a little girl with a ghost and then kill the ghost? [Drifter]: get going Rika. You ain’t got all day. [i]Footsteps fading...[/i] [Rika]: Well...that’s going to be a pain in the ass. How am I supposed to find a young girl with a ghost? Also...cut the feed ghost. [i]Live feed end...[/i]



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