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3/16/2019 2:48:46 AM

Sunshot Problems/Fixes

I have two things with sunshot that I want to address. Firstly is the magazine size. It has a magazine size of 8, 8! This is the same ammo count as 110 rpm hand cannons, this is a 150 hand cannon. With its time to kill, you can only reliably kill one person with a magazine of sunshot (I think 2 if you have perfect aim). Other hand cannons that have 180 rpm have close to 11 in the magazine and I think the magazine should be buffed on the sunshot. Secondly is the exotic perk. It says it highlights enemies when they are damaged by the sunshot but I have never seen this work before in both PvE and PvP. I do not know if I am misreading this or if this is a bug. Please fix or reword the perk then. Thank you.



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