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3/15/2019 10:19:37 PM

Competitive matchmaking error that made me lose my streak

So I was grinding the competitive crucible playlist and had a nice streak of 5 wins going, but then I was put into a game with only 2 players on my team versus a normal team of 4. In the image added you can see that there weren't even slots for any other players, so it's not like anyone left, the game just put me into a faulty match of some kind with only 2 players reserved in my team. Naturally, we lost this match and the game counted it as a normal defeat, I lost points and my streak. The grind for a higher rank (I'm doing it for Luna's Howl right now) is already hard enough, and stuff like this is really not helping anything at all. I would love to have my score/streak back if that's possible, or at least have this fixed so I don't run into nonsense like this ever again.



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