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A Simple Chat (Warlock of Shadows Part 1)

It was late in the night within the Tower, and everything was quite...busy as per usual. Yet there was activity going down in the Annex, where the Drifter had relocated himself. A Warlock was with the Drifter, admiring her newly crafted Thorn that she held. “Damn Sister. You put yourself through hell and back just for THAT?” The Drifter raised an eyebrow at the Warlock, impressed at the hard work she had gone through to make it. “C’mon. You really think I wouldn’t want this weapon? It slipped right out of my fingers back during that accursed war when the Tower fell.” The Warlock scoffed, holstering the hand cannon as she took off her helmet, setting it aside as she rubbed her eyes. Like most of the other Guardians within the Tower, she went nameless for a while. Though after the whole Barons incident, she adopted the name of Sevestapol. Why? Nobody really knows, hell, not even she herself knows. “Oh, by the way. Apparently someone’s been bugging me Sister. Care to look into that?” The Drifter raised an eyebrow at her. She sighed with a bit of annoyance. “God dammit Drifter! Okay then. I’ll be your errand girl.” Sevestapol rolled her eyes, proceeding to then leave the room to go off and do the Drifter’s dirty work.



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