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Remember Me? (Rika Part 4)

HEY! Missed me guys? Sorry I’ve been...quiet for a long ass time. Where have I been you may wonder...? Oh boy do I have a story to tell. So, all started after I bailed from where I was hiding last. Best not put you-know-who in danger. Yeah. So, as I was doing that...I ran into an odd ball of a Warlock. Some Awoken chick running by the name of...well, scratch that, she had no name. But she seemed to be running with an old friend of mine...and not the one hunting me. “You Rika?” The Warlock had asked me, tilting her head slightly. While I couldn’t see her face then, I could slightly tell that she was staring at me intensely. I simply replied that I was the aforementioned person she was after. “Yeah, I’m Rika. Why exactly have you come for me?” I raised an eyebrow, clearly confused and nervous to WHY she was asking me such a question. Though she simply chuckled and pulled out a green coin with a snake symbol on it. I recognized it immediately and pulled out my gun, but before I could do anything, the Warlock grabbed my wrist and pressed her own hand cannon right up against my chin. “Listen here you dumbass...I don’t want to have to drag your corpse all the way back to Drifter only to have you ghost revive you then. So play nice.” Her voice stung like venom, but she clearly seemed to be dead serious with what she was saying, so I holstered my gun, same as she did. Gotta cut my ghost’s feed or else I’m gonna get my ass walloped...cause I’m going to be meeting up with the bastard that got me into this mess. God forbid it all goes south...



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