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Destiny 2

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3/10/2019 4:36:27 PM

Prince Uldren cocaine made me go evil (an destiny troll-lore)

------------------------------------ NOTE: Dont take seriously. ----------------------------------- For those who dont know that the reason why Uldren became evil?, well heres the real reason why. 9 Years ago while uldren was still in college he was picked for being edgy and he couldnt do it, he was being called names so thats the reason why his sister Mav was his only real friend, he was very fed up with all the bullsh@t in high school, he started to waste cocaine on himself after his sister past away, he took so much cocaine that he was in his head "those guardian sh#theads are gonna pay -sniff- what they did to my sister" he said angerly while smoking marijuana. He then while walking on earth he saw a fallen and said to him "well shall -sniff- rule!!!!" loudly. But this didnt stoo his cocaine addiction he became ill but he continued untill the end of forsaken. The End.



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