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IceApfelにより編集済み: 3/6/2019 11:58:10 AM

Every VIP from Stolen Intelligence

-Minor Spoiler Warning- These are all the identities of all VIPs on the lore book “Stolen Intelligence”. Most of these are either mentioned or very obvious, but I still wanted to make a quick list for everyone who didn’t know. I’m bored, ok? In numerical order: #0704 Unnamed female Guardian(?) #1121 Variks, Kell of House Judgement #1315 Drifter #1787 Eris younger brother(?) #2014 Us, the guardian #2015 Oryx, Taken King #2029 Eramis, Devil Baroness #3801 Calus #3987 Mithrax, Kell of House Light #4044 Val Ca‘uor #4503 Fikrul, the Fanatic Some nice references in there. 2014 is the year Destiny 1 was released and 2015 was the year The Taken King was released.



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